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Who You Gonna Call?

xkcd – Holy Ghost

Okay, everyone, cross yourselves, then cross the streams.

Okay, everyone, cross yourselves, then cross the streams.

Ghostbusters! XD I love it!!





Well I priced the Pink Meerca Tail Bows last night, and thought they wouldn’t suit him. As I happened to be chatting to Emily/Vive at the time I mentioned it to her. She convinced me to do it, and well it was only 18k – when you have as many codestones as I do this is nothing.
I think he looked picture perfect in them. Unfortunately he didn’t, just after I got the photo from atop the rubber mat he decided enough was enough. And well, my hair has never stood up so much as it did after that, I looked like a nutty scientist who just had an experiment blow up XD

Faerie fun

Sorry, forgot to post anything šŸ˜‰ Well it is the holidays.

What have I been up to? Well there is this:

1337 as Fyora

1337 as Fyora

But you’ve seen that. You want something new šŸ˜€

Jen as the Tooth Faerie

Jen as the Tooth Faerie

Its Jen! In a tooth faerie costume. Doesn’t she look good šŸ™‚

Daily Giggle #B

Since you probably don’t get the title, link.

Today’s, DG is from NetScrap and was found while stumbling cause I got tired of studying šŸ˜”

Lawyers jokes

A guy is visiting San Francisco, and walks into a small store in

He notices a small bronze statue of a rat.

He asks the owner “how much”, and the owner replies “$50 for the bronze
rat, and $1000 for the story behind it”.

The guy says, “forget the story”, and buys the rat.

As he’s walking down the street he notices two live rats following him.
As he continues to walk, more rats start following him.

He starts to get a little concerned, and heads for the waterfront. By
the time he gets there there are thousands and thousands of rats
following him.

He walks up to the end of the pier and throws the bronze rat into the
bay, and the rats all follow and leap off of the pier and drown.

The guy rushes back to the store and walks in. The owner says, “Ah!, so
your back for the story”.

The guys says, “no, I was wondering if you have any bronze lawyers?”

XD Now if only Neo had bronze scammers & spammers

Daily Giggle #3

Today’s Daily Giggle is from Computer Stupidities: Tech Support, via Stumble! It proves that users aren’t the only group to have issues with stupid people.

  • Customer: “When my computer boots up, all I get is a black screen that says, ‘boot2/’.”
  • Tech Support: “What operating system are you using?”
  • Customer: “I’m using Windows 98 and NT 4.0.”
  • Tech Support: “Ok, I’m the Mac tech. The Windows tech is gone, but I can try to help you.”
  • Customer: “Ok, what should I do? I’ve reformatted the hard drive and have fresh installs of both operating systems.”
  • Tech Support: “Sir, have you put any cheese or mustard in your a drive?”
  • Customer: “What? Did you just ask me if I put cheese or mustard in my floppy drive?”
  • Tech Support: “Yeah, we’ve had that happen a lot lately.”
  • Customer: (staring blankly at roommate, who was laughing uncontrollably on the floor) “I think I’ll wait for the PC tech to get back. Thanks for the help.” (click)

XDD I’d laugh harder but I’ll hit my head on the shelf behind me again.

Daily Giggle; because laughter helps keeps boredom & stress away.

Daily Giggle #2


Daily Giggle; because laughter helps keeps boredom & stress away.

Today’s is brought to you by Stumble!

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