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Happy Birthday Terry!


Happy 18th Birthday Terry!!

Oh dear, looks like someone cast Atavarr’s Personal Gravitational Upset on you (and over did it a bit). That means you won’t be enjoying the day just yet, since you’ll have to wait for it to wear off before you can drink without spilling it. (And getting out of a building will be very hard)


Nekomimi Nynex & Suzuka

Nekomimi Nynex & Suzuka

It seems we have found out why Nexy always wears a hat. As for the tail, she says its a magic tail. Nexy keeps the ears for their super sensitive hearing – the panda ears of her hat hide them.  This may also explain why when she did fall off the ladder in the BOA she landed on her feet.

Suzuka, well we aren’t sure if they are real or if she found a nekomimi costume.

Public Information Announcement!

Terry Berry T7B4

Terry Berry T7B4

Several Terry Berry, strain T7B4, have been found outside the cultivation fields recently. If you find one, do not, I repeat, do not eat it. Not only is it unbelievably sour, but it will make you finish every sentience with “Hail Sloth” for the rest of the day, assuming you don’t fall unconscious.

Diet Terry is not made from T7B4. Terry uses it for far more evil things than that.

Be careful what you say

It might just come true.

(Today, 12:26 AM) Zombie Nynex
can we make him into a terry-o-lantern?
(Today, 12:19 AM) Lord Hayati
Terry, your head is hollow, like a carved out pumpkin!
Jack-o-Terry / Terroy-o-Lantern

Jack-o-Terry / Terry-o-Lantern

Not my best work, but you get the idea XD

Faerie Festival

The Faerie Festival is upon us, and the JN Editorial is not (well it wasn’t when I started this post), and well, Sci was bored. So, here for you now are the previously hidden images of the Jellyneo staff, as faeries!

Tawm as Bree, The Key Quest Fire Faerie

Tawm as Bree, The Key Quest Fire Faerie

Sci, Space Faerie

Sci, Space Faerie

Aeternus as the Happiness Faerie

Aeternus as the Happiness Faerie

Stephen as Illusen, Earth Faerie

Stephen as Illusen, Earth Faerie

Willie, Space Faerie

Willie, Space Faerie

More Pictures
Pile of Sludge
Oh no! Sloth has turned the rest of the listing into a pile of sludge! You’ll have to go look them up in old posts 😦

Most link to the blag posts where they are, some go to the image and have not been seen before! If you just want to see the image and not the post, remove the .th near the end of the url.

Mischievous Baby Salabounder

Mischievous Baby Salabounder

The faerie images are a mix of Neopets Backgrounds, Neopets Art Gallery Winners & Google Image Search and of course the Baby Salabounder is from Baby Salabounder’s Office Adventure on Twin Skies Forum.

Apologies to iaeternus & Stephen for forgetting you till now >.<

JN Staff Found!

So, did you find them all? Did you save everyone? Or did you not find Sci at all? Well here is where I was.

SciFi in JN Daily Dare 2007 Guide

SciFi in JN Daily Dare 2007 Guide

And the others I can remember are:

What about answers? Well I dont recall what they were, other than both Dave and Rosie were “42”. But, you really wana know mine dont you.

2DKG J6E6E36J L92L FG E2LL6J 9GO 325 L9AF8K E2Q 86L, 5GF’L H2FA4.

As ashia-bot said, the code changed every line. But if you realised how it would have made it easier. In the first line: 3 decrypts to A, 7 to E, A to H, And so on.
In the second line this becomes: 2 to A, 6 to E, 9 to H. Notice it yet?
And in the 3rd line: 1 to A, 5 to E, 8 to H

The first line was shifted 42 along the data set of:
The non-randomised order was simply because the program that I wrote to encrypt it can decrypt such a data set yet. The shift of 42 was a clue in itself btw. Each line after that was shifted 1 less.

And thus the text becomes:

When travelling always take a towel, they are immensely useful.
Also remember that no matter how bad things may get, Don’t Panic.
Unless of course you lose your towel and your copy of…

And the Answer? Well what mentions the usefulness of the humble towel, has “Don’t Panic” on the cover and refers to 42 at some point? The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of course! (Without the apostrophe when inputting the answer though) Dave even gave you a hint of the towel with the image he put under it.

I do more than just dry you!

I do more than you realise!

OK, now you can *headdeask*, just not too hard. And well done if you did get everyone. Especially if you didn’t resort to Yahoo Answers or the Neoboards (or any other place).

You’ll have to wait on Dave for the rest of the answers.

Happiness :)

Today we have Dave & Terry as the Happiness Faerie XD

Images at about 50%.
Unfortunately they are not as good since there was no ideal image of the Happiness Faerie.

😮 Another JN staffie has appeared dressed as a faerie, Scissors as Jhudora.

What’s more, the Jhudora image I used here was also by Rosie XD (Jhudora day 2006)

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