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Seasons Greetings ^_^

Assuming I set it right this was posted at 10:00pm NST December 24th and nearly everyone that is going to read it will be on Christmas Day +/-2 hours.

And now, what has Sci got for you on this day of giving? No, you aren’t all getting candychans, there isn’t enough of them. What you are getting is something you’ve not had in a while… The JN Staff let lose in the wardrobe department (well it is a good place to hide from Terry and that whip).

Unfortunately some of the staff seem to have got hold of the camera memory card so not all of them have made it here, but I have recovered 4 😀

o She looks tall.

Nynex. 😮 She looks tall.

CardCaptor Nynex

CardCaptor Nynex

Weepit as Taelia the Snow Faerie

Weepit as Taelia the Snow Faerie

Rosie. Doesnt she look festive ^_^

Rosie. Doesn't she look festive ^_^

They link to the full size image.

Happy Holidays, From the JN Staff!, Taelia, CardCaptor Sakura, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Sayuri Amamiya

Let it snow!

Just wait until the page has fully loaded ^_^


Ok, took slightly longer than I thought it would, but here it it is. Katje as Taelia the Snow Faerie.
Looks like some of iaeternus’ critters have escaped his gallery too, and turned lilac, the colour of Modelling Coordinators. Hang on, that is not a petpet colour 0.o  (Dave, you might want to check your spelling 😉 )

Katje as Taelia the Snow Faerie, with petpets

Note: Edited so all petpets were lilac, not just 2.


On a day beset by glitches on Neopets I thought you could do with something to cheer you up a bit 😉

First, Rosie! *clapping from RS* How did RS find time for this?

Rosie as Taelia the Snow Faerie

Rosie as Taelia the Snow Faerie

And… Rylon and Joey as Illusen! XD (Not shown at full size)

Rylon as Illusen

Rylon as Illusen, Earth Faerie

Joey as Illusen

Joey as Illusen, Earth Faerie

Daily Giggle #2


Daily Giggle; because laughter helps keeps boredom & stress away.

Today’s is brought to you by Stumble!

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