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YouTube Content Identification programme

Dear SciFiCrazy,

Your video “RA3 Trailer with Game Play” has been identified by YouTube’s Content Identification programme as containing copyrighted content which EA claims is theirs.

Your video “RA3 Trailer with Game Play” is still available because EA does not object to this content appearing on YouTube at this time. As long as EA has a claim on your video, they will receive public statistics about your video, such as number of views. Viewers may also see advertising on your video’s page.

Claim Details:

Copyright owner: EA
Content claimed: Some or all of the audio and visual content
Policy: Allow this content to remain on YouTube.

  • Place advertisements on this video’s watch page.

Applies to these locations:

EA claimed this content as a part of the YouTube Content Identification programme. YouTube allows partners to review YouTube videos for content to which they own the rights. Partners may use our automated video/audio matching system to identify their content, or they may manually review videos.

And they need some fancy program to work that out?! Its a trailer that was shown in a tv/online gamming show, I just took the trailer out from the rest of the segement because not everyone has the paitence to wait. What’s more, as a trailer its already advertising, you don’t need more.

Besides, EA don’t mind the videos the majority of the C&C community post.

Now, lets see how long before it flags the HM3 video I extracted from, or the C&C RA3 Empire of the Rising Sun Trailer from, or the RA3 Remix trailer from the offical site or even the King Oni survalence footage I uploaded after the offical site’s one went MIA. And is it going to flag the BBC behind the scenes at EALA video? (If you were outside the UK you probably couln’t watch on iPlayer) Or even the Dr Who Christmas Special 2008 trailer? (iPlayer again)

Given the option I’d have saved them the time and told them it had content from company X or Y. Oh wait, I did. Its in the description or tags for the video.

Incidentally, this silly program is known to eat up and delete any videos of the current UK Top Gear series.


My latest video.

Rowan Atkinson – Invisible Drum Kit

Its a great laugh XD

I want one!

I want one! NOW!!

Actually, I want several XD

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