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Ookami-san: Air le Fay

Majo-san wants to go flying!

Not so sure I would fly with her though, something is bound to go wrong.

Ookami-san: Double Trouble

Why double? Because instead of posting about Majo-chan yesterday I can post today and post two!


2560x1600 Transparent Wallpaper


4445x2500 Transparent PNG


1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper


2560x1600 Tansparent Wallpaper


3740x2500 Transparent PNG


1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

Now while you are worrying about where she is planning to put that grub I have something to plan 😉

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – Majolica le Fay

I said I would get you some Ookami-san ep2, and here we are. Since there is plenty of Ryouko, this time I did one of the other characters. Say Ohayou/konnichiwa/konbanwa to Majo-san, Otogi Bank’s mad scientist and parody of Morgan le Fay.

3425×1950 Transparent PNG – Redacted


1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

More on the way soon!

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