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Merry Christmas 2012

Ah, so you survived the 21st too. Good to hear that. Anyway, I said I would post today, so even although it’s not finished here is Kona-chan’s Christmas costume.

Shirakawa Kona Christmas

Happy Christmas from Shirakawa Kona

I’m not sure how to fix the problems I’m having with it, so it could be a while before the full image is posted, if ever. If you have suggestions for other Kona-chan images don’t be shy, please comment.

pixiv link

Happy (Belated) Halloween

First off, sorry about not posting for months! I’ve been rather stuck in a rut with little inspiration (and no job). But times are changing, and to kick it off, I have something completely new.

Some of you may be aware of Konachan (How could you not be by now?), and her official mascot Shirakawa Kona. Unfortunately, commissions are expensive so there is little artwork of her beyond the original work from some time ago. At the time it was drawn it wasn’t even Kona, but rather an expressions practice for the artist (fkey). I liked the other candidate better.. maybe we’ll still get to see her.

Anyway, here is Shirakawa Kona, dressed as a witch for Halloween passed.

shirakawa kona halloween

I’m still having inspiration issues, but I’m hoping to get something done in time for Christmas.

Inkscape – Nakano Azusa

I recently installed inkscape because there is plenty Tachiban Kanade, but not a lot of GirlsDeMo 😦 As my first vector I chose one that some seemed intent on using as a wallpaper by taking a screen cap. Screen Caps of videos are always lower in quality than they could be (A blue ray disc can’t be screen captured unless you know how to bypass copy protect).

So, I give you Nakano Azusa from K-on! as she appears at 0:06 in the Go! Go! Manic opening theme. Less the school in the background. - Rating: Safe Tags: k-on! nakano_azusa seifuku transparent vector

1920x1200 Transparent PNG - Rating: Safe Tags: k-on! nakano_azusa seifuku vector

1920x1200 High Res JPG/JPEG

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