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Ookami-san: Morino & Alice

The end doesn’t mean the end of the vectors, there are still many possible vectors to be had from the episodes!

morino ryoushi I’ll be the one to protect you. 

2560×1600 WP, 1920×1200 WP, 3510×3000

kiriki alice This is urgent! 

2560×1600 WP, 1920×1200 WP, 3245×3000

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – Kiriki Alice

One more in before I start work on Strike Witches 202 and Ookami-san 103. If I remember I’ll go back and do the scene where it looks like Otohime is about to kiss Tarou-sama.

1900×1460 Transparent PNG – Redacted


1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

Is it just me or does she look rather like Nagato Yuki? Only with enough emotion to look smug.

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