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Happy Dung Day!

You guessed it, that means Happy Birthday Rosie!!


Happy 22nd Birthday Rosie!

You may have noticed the photo was take outside. This is because 1) Rosie was in the middle of YYB and 2) There was no way the present would have gotten into the Office anyway…

Giant Rainbow Dung

The actual one is even bigger!

Happy Birthday Zelda!


Happy 18th Birthday Zelda!

Ok, who flooded the Staff Room? I just hope I can find Zelda’s present :/

Happy Birthday Pekka!

For those of you that don’t know, Pekka is Zador.


Happy 20th Birthday Pekka!

Why do I get the feeling that I am forgetting something vitally important in the photo?

Happy Birthday Jen!!

Has it been a year already? It would appear so.


Happy 24th Birthday Jen!

You don’t look a day over 21, though I expect your car insurance shows the difference. I thought you might get a bit lonely being around when most are sleeping so I got you someone to play with, she even doubles as a portable table, just don’t try using her as a footstool.

Happy Birthday Kata and Scissors!

Here we are, full circle and this time it is a double!

Kataklysmos & scissors

Happy 19th Birthday Scissors and Happy 18th Birthday Kata!

Hang on, I said Scissors not a pair of scissors! Well, they are purple at least. Looks like Kata got a GIGA Tux plush.

Happy Birthday Willie!

Hehehee, another “illie”.

Willie and a Giant Meepit

Happy 19th Birthday Willie!

AAHAH! That isn’t the plushie I ordered. Run away before the Giant Meepit gets you!

Incidentally, it is also Steve’s 18th birthday. But Steve ain’t on staff any more.

Jellyneo ’10 Negg Hunt

Jellyneo 2010 Negg Hunt LogoThe third (annual?) hunt has ended, the Content Beast is livid (he really didn’t like all of you escaping him) and the results are being tabulated by the highly trained team of CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

Kata asks that you don’t try to use the flash portals if you still have access, it is just generating errors since all the logs were made read only.

I’m forbidden to give you actual answers or numbers, those will be released in a day or two. I shouldn’t get killed for telling you that from the time the last portal was released until a few hours before the end the limiting factor on the number who had completed it was my clue. I take it you are not surprised.

Those of you that did crack it, and worked out where it lead, will know it was hiding a new negg, a very special one. When were were making the clues I decided it would be rather deadly to me if I made a code only to have it turn out to be a red herring. I have managed to obtain an image of the negg, unfortunately it is a very low resolution because someone didn’t know digital zoom is very different to optical zoom.

Hidden Negg @ distanceWe should know what it is once the answers are out, and where it was. But of course to get it you had to find the clue, so where was that? You’ll have to wait for that too if you didn’t find it. And you will have to wait on the decoded version of the message. However, for those that know how to use it, I will give you the formula. Incidnetally, if anyone found my Codebreaking 101 post from last year, Frequency Analysis was completely useless this time, the block length was too short.

encrypt formula (in OpenOffice Formula)If you don’t get what they mean:

alpabetIndex(x) means, alphabetIndex(D) = 4 and alphabetIndex(M) = 13

wordIndex(x) means in the word Jellyneo, wordIndex(J) = 1 and wordIndex(Y) = 5

When I coded the clue I used positive and negative results of f(x) rather than looping it. So remember that 5 – (-5) = 5 + 5

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