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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi & K-on!

It’s been.. a tad longer than expected since the last post. As you may have noticed, the theme is now Koi, or as I’d rather call it, ‘Koi Koi!‘. I have also activated the rating system, you can now rate posts and comments.

And now to why you are here, Azu-nyan and Ookami Ryouko.

Redacted Azu-nyan has been in the sun too long again, even the sun block didn’t help 😦 (Ep 12)
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to work out a background so I can make a wallpaper version Xp

820×1560 transparent PNG

Ookami Ryouko
Never mention Ookami Ryouko’s lack of assets, not even if you are just the narrator, she can not only make “Huh?!” sound like a threat, she had the skills to back it up.

1920×1200 PNG Wallpaper

Inkscape – More Tachibana Kanade

Angel Beats! may have ended, and everyone gone on to whatever lies ahead (Not giving spoilers!) but that doesn’t mean the end of Kanade vectors.

Tachibana Kanade @

Transparent 1920x1200

The scene from Ep11 where Otonashi pets/rubs Kanade on the head.

There is gradient shading on her hair (both light and dark) and face and Otonashi’s arm, but this time it was way easier to do (turning off the line and adjusting curves and nodes to make the fill cover the path below).

I haven’t decided wither to try and vector the background of the scene too.


[UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_13_[XviD][136729B5] (202Mb), [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_13_[h264_720p][9CDF9E37] (255Mb)

[Mazui]_Angel_Beats!_(Unofficial) (4.3Gb All Eps), [ReinForce] Angel Beats! (TBS 1280×720 x264 MP3) (3.5Gb All Eps)

Inkscape – Tachibana Kanade

It’s been a while, because the gradient was uncooperative. But here we have it, Tachibana Kanade, aka. Tenshi, from Angel Beats!

Transparent 2440×1371 – Redacted

Tachibana Kanade


This is from Episode 9, when she is sleeping in the nurse’s office.

Inkscape – Kiriya Nozomi

Always remember Nozomi going ~nya while everyone else is panicking or out of the loop with this wallpaper 🙂 - Rating: Safe Tags: catgirl close kiriya_nozomi mayoi_neko_overrun! vector


Kiriya Nozomi in Mayoi Neko Overrun! Ep8, aprox time index 9:30 and/or 10:00.

Inkscape – Nakano Azusa

I recently installed inkscape because there is plenty Tachiban Kanade, but not a lot of GirlsDeMo 😦 As my first vector I chose one that some seemed intent on using as a wallpaper by taking a screen cap. Screen Caps of videos are always lower in quality than they could be (A blue ray disc can’t be screen captured unless you know how to bypass copy protect).

So, I give you Nakano Azusa from K-on! as she appears at 0:06 in the Go! Go! Manic opening theme. Less the school in the background. - Rating: Safe Tags: k-on! nakano_azusa seifuku transparent vector

1920x1200 Transparent PNG - Rating: Safe Tags: k-on! nakano_azusa seifuku vector

1920x1200 High Res JPG/JPEG

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