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Advent Calendar: Day 15

Waiter, there is a chibi in my cake! … Make that 3 in the cake, 6 on it and 6 causing chaos around it.

Touhou - Aki

Touhou Cake by Aki

*Is being a tad lazy because it’s getting hard to find enough and has Kuroneko to vector*

Advent Calendar: Day 13

Today is… yeh, more Touhou. I give you 13 Chibi Youkai characters, some of whom are about to be very unlucky.

Touhou - Hong Meiling, Izayoi Sakuya, Patchouli Knowledge - Massala

Don't do it Meiling by Massala

Touhou - Hakurei Reimu, Tatara Kogasa - Socha

Nice knowing you... by Socha

Touhou - Reiuji Utsuho - Haipa Okara

Winter Greetings by Haipa Okara

Touhou - Rumia - Gomasamune

... by Gomasamune

Touhou - Kagiyama Hina, Kawashiro Nitori - Yamirou

Something broke again by Yamirou

Touhou - Moriya Suwako - Yume Shokunin

T-t-too C-c-cold by Yume Shokunin

Touhou - Houjuu Nue, Komeiji Satori, Reiuji Utsuho - Aonagi Ibane

Being small can be a bonus by Aonagi Ibane

Original Image Links: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Advent Calendar: Day ⑨

If you guessed today was Nine ball Day, aka. Cirno, then you guessed right. I’d give you a mince pie but Cirno turned them into mince pie ice cubes.

And now without further delay, Nine lots of ⑨. Will you survive to see Day 10? Or will you be getting wheeled away with nosebleed that will not stop?

Touhou - Cirno - Yume Shokunin

Convenient Cirno by Yume Shokunin

Touhou - Cirno & Hong Meiling & Naba Tewi & Inubashiri Momiji & Saigyouji Yuyuko - Yume Shokunin

AC Hug by Yume Shokunin

Touhou - Cirno - Yume Shokunin

Cute Cirno by Yume Shokunin

Touhou, Spice and Wolf parody - Cirno - Reku

Ice and Wolf by Reku

Touhou - Chen & Cirno & Daiyousei & Kaenbyou Rin - lovewolf5122

Sitin' in a Tree by Lovewolf

Touhou - Cirno - Nue

Borrowing Kisume's Bucket by Nue

Touhou - Cirno - Viva!!

Now we are Friends by Viva!!

Touhou - Cirno - Aoblue

Huh?? by Aoblue

Touhou - Cirno - R Pascal

Raccoon Cirno by R Pascal

Now, assuming you survived, help me get out of this block of ice!

Original Image Links: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

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