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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

Which is about as white as it will get since there is still no decent snow! I feel like it’s trolling me.. speaking of which

Incidentally, I was going to post sooner, but the weather forecast kept coming up snow then not snowing so I never got to post “Dashing Through the Snow”.

Oh, I have a new set, just for the holidays. Chibi Azunyan Claws is over there, and some of you will have seen my sig with Kuroneko Claws. I have tissues if you need them *points to pallet of tissue boxes*

So.. where did I leave it last time.. oh? there.. interesting.. *goes to the kitchen and returns with warm fried tofu* And now precautions are taken care of, picture time!

Idolmaster - Takatsuki Yayoi

I wrote you a song!

lil Kisumi

Kisumi Kitsune (young)

Advent Calendar: Day 3

Shutsugen san-nichi-me ni watashi ga anata ni ataeru…

Chibi Sanbi

Sanbi wants meat not fried tofu


Sanbi the DFC Foxgirl

Sanbi and Shiroko

What on earth is going on here?

.. three Sanbi by reku (and probably a bad translation, but that ain’t my fault).

Links:  Original Image 1, Original Image 2, Original Image 3

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