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Advent Calendar: Day 8

How long can you go without K-on!?

Not long I take it, well, your wait is over, for today it is Eight Azunyan.

K-on! - Nakano Azu-nyan - Nana (artist)

More than your average Pocky kiss by Nana

K-on! - Nakano Azu-nyan - Jinroku

Coaxing Azu-nyan out by Jinroku

K-on! - Nakano Azu-nyan - Akari Seisuke

A taiyaki a Day by Akari Seisuke

K-on! - Nakano Azusa - Errant

Azu in a box, with a cat, by Errant

K-on! - Nakano Azusa - Hiyohiyo

Chibi Azusa by Hiyohiyo

K-on! - Nakano Azusa - Shiroto

Surprised Chibi Azusa by Shiroto

K-on! - Hirasawa Yui & Nakano Azusa - Tamaran

A surprise for Yui by Tamaran

K-on! - Hirasawa Yui & Nakano Azusa - Shuri

Good Girl Azu-nyan by Shuri

Take a guess at what tomorrow is ;P

Original Image Links: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

K-on!: Azusa! Azusa!

Azusa is lost in thought…


… Anime Figurine.

Azusa: Huh?!

Happy Birthday Grog!


Happy 26th Birthday...

Hang on, where is Grog? Has anyone seen Grog? And who made is gift go poof? *pets Azu-nyan*

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