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Inkscape – Kiriya Nozomi

Always remember Nozomi going ~nya while everyone else is panicking or out of the loop with this wallpaper 🙂 - Rating: Safe Tags: catgirl close kiriya_nozomi mayoi_neko_overrun! vector


Kiriya Nozomi in Mayoi Neko Overrun! Ep8, aprox time index 9:30 and/or 10:00.

Inkscape – Nakano Azusa

I recently installed inkscape because there is plenty Tachiban Kanade, but not a lot of GirlsDeMo 😦 As my first vector I chose one that some seemed intent on using as a wallpaper by taking a screen cap. Screen Caps of videos are always lower in quality than they could be (A blue ray disc can’t be screen captured unless you know how to bypass copy protect).

So, I give you Nakano Azusa from K-on! as she appears at 0:06 in the Go! Go! Manic opening theme. Less the school in the background. - Rating: Safe Tags: k-on! nakano_azusa seifuku transparent vector

1920x1200 Transparent PNG - Rating: Safe Tags: k-on! nakano_azusa seifuku vector

1920x1200 High Res JPG/JPEG

Coming Soon

Yurripe from Angel Beats!

Yurippe from Angel Beats!

Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!

Aisaka Taiga, by mamita, from Toradora!

Golden Darkness & Yuuki Mikan from To Love Ru

Golden Darkness & Yuuki Mikan from To Love Ru

All 1920×1200 (That reduces to 1280×800 easily).

EDIT: And here they are!

To Love Ru: Konachan post#74085 & Konachan post #74086

Angel Beats!: Konachan post #74088

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