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YuruYuri: Toshinou Kyouko

Eeep, did it again. Where does the time go?

Toshinou Kyouko

Shake. Woof!

Also, I’m trying to get 5 more done before the 18thtomorrow. I’m doomed.

YuruYuri: Sugiura Ayano

Sorry bout not posting for so long. Stuff happened. But I think you’ll be too distracted by this post to care..

YuruYuri: Sugiura Ayano

Sexiness contest!

I haven’t made a logo vector for this series because I found them posted on pixiv already.

Also, for those with a dA account, please join #YuruYuri.

A-Channel: Swimsuit Edition

A-channel may have finished, but that doesn’t mean the artwork has to stop. Sooo,we have Yuuki, Tooru, Run and Nagi in their 2 piece swimsuits! (Does Tooru’s count as a bikini?)



Tooru & Run

So much choice. What to have?



Spice & Wolf: Horo

Anyone want a Red Apple?


Spice & Wolf

Spice & Wolf

*checks box* umm.. Sorry, Horo ate them all again.

Koe de Oshigoto!: Ice Cream

* looks around the sites * There is virtually no artwork for Koe de Oshigoto! ? Well, lets start fixing that! So, today we have the scene outside the store when Kanna is licking the ice cream. If you haven’t watched (or read the manga) Koe de Oshigoto! then you won’t get why this is a funny scene, so go watch OVA 1 & 2 (or read the manga).

Aoyagi Kanna & Kaizu Motoki
Aoyagi Kanna

Koe_De_Oshigoto!-logo 2560x1600

Oh look, there be a logo here too.

A-Channel: More Tooru

Tooru is staring at youuuu…



OreImo: Gokou Ruri-kouhai

Opps, has it been that long? Well, it should be worth it since today is Double Ruri.


Ore no Kōhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai There's No Way My Junior is This Cute


"Then I'll call you Nii-san when we're alone together"

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