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Happy Birthday Kat!

I meant Kalianne, not kat/cat/kitteh/lolcat/etc. (in a box).


Happy 21st Birthday Kat!

Look who I found wandering around, I guess she must have escaped from the Black Rock Shooter OVA I was watching the other day.

One Billion



Nekomimi Nynex & Suzuka

Nekomimi Nynex & Suzuka

It seems we have found out why Nexy always wears a hat. As for the tail, she says its a magic tail. Nexy keeps the ears for their super sensitive hearing – the panda ears of her hat hide them.  This may also explain why when she did fall off the ladder in the BOA she landed on her feet.

Suzuka, well we aren’t sure if they are real or if she found a nekomimi costume.

Public Information Announcement!

Terry Berry T7B4

Terry Berry T7B4

Several Terry Berry, strain T7B4, have been found outside the cultivation fields recently. If you find one, do not, I repeat, do not eat it. Not only is it unbelievably sour, but it will make you finish every sentience with “Hail Sloth” for the rest of the day, assuming you don’t fall unconscious.

Diet Terry is not made from T7B4. Terry uses it for far more evil things than that.

Let it snow!

Just wait until the page has fully loaded ^_^




Taken Today @ 55.9189, -3.3142 (aprox – MS fail at upto date maps)

So that is why the paths have been left covered in ice, some silly person left all the grit at the bus stop. Its about 4ft long and a couple inches high (I think, I’m useless at estimating distances). It was bigger yesterday, when someone hadn’t driven over it, but my brother fried the camera in my phone so I couldn’t take a pic then.


We’ve been doing HTML at uni lately, well others have, I’ve been doing CSS. All our pages have to be to W3C standards though. This as you can imagine, left me getting rather bored, so I started throwing random sites at it. The graph shows the results from 10 sites I re-ran at 3:30pm NST today.Note: Not all Errors are actual errors, some are mistakes reading the page, like php links.

EDIT: XHTML 1.0 Transitional 20 Errors XHTML 1.0 Transitional 70 Errors HTML 4.01 Transitional 32 Errors, 49 warnings

And pinkpt even claim to be standard compliant! Liars.

Witching Hour

The only trouble with the the staff changing names for Halloween is once I make one, I will want to make more. So, here is Scissors the Witch. 🙂 Double Edition!

Bat Soup?

Bat Soup?

Pumpkin Stew?

Pumpkin Stew?

Google searches: anime trick or treat & anime witch

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