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On a day beset by glitches on Neopets I thought you could do with something to cheer you up a bit šŸ˜‰

First, Rosie! *clapping from RS* How did RS find time for this?

Rosie as Taelia the Snow Faerie

Rosie as Taelia the Snow Faerie

And… Rylon and Joey as Illusen! šŸ˜„ (Not shown at full size)

Rylon as Illusen

Rylon as Illusen, Earth Faerie

Joey as Illusen

Joey as Illusen, Earth Faerie

Suzuka! Suzuka! Suzuka!

Today we have a Suzuka bonanza! Not that you don’t have enough, though you can’t have too much Suzuka.
First, suzukaberries šŸ˜„

SuzukaberryGreen SuzukaberryRed SuzukaberryPurple Suzukaberry
Blue SuzukaberryAlien Suzukaberry

Normal, Green, Red, Purple, Blue and Alien.

And… Suzuka Faerie! This one I’ll let you see šŸ˜‰ You’ll have to wait for the password ones still.

Suzuka the Battle Faerie

Suzuka the Battle Faerie

It just wasn’t Suzuka without the expresion šŸ˜€

More faerieness

Another day, another staffie as a faerie.

Look out for Nexy & Luke, I hear they’ve been seen in faerie costume too.
Found Them šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

Nexy looks good in that šŸ™‚ Oh, Luke found a blue snowbunny šŸ˜®

Happiness :)

Today we have Dave & Terry as the Happiness Faerie šŸ˜„

Images at about 50%.
Unfortunately they are not as good since there was no ideal image of the Happiness Faerie.

šŸ˜® Another JN staffie has appeared dressed as a faerie, Scissors as Jhudora.

What’s more, the Jhudora image I used here was also by Rosie šŸ˜„ (Jhudora day 2006)

Faerie fun

Sorry, forgot to post anything šŸ˜‰ Well it is the holidays.

What have I been up to? Well there is this:

1337 as Fyora

1337 as Fyora

But you’ve seen that. You want something new šŸ˜€

Jen as the Tooth Faerie

Jen as the Tooth Faerie

Its Jen! In a tooth faerie costume. Doesn’t she look good šŸ™‚

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