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Let me guess, even if it weren’t Guy Fawkes you’d have thought I was reffering to these.

Remember to stay safe around these fireworks

Remember to stay safe around these fireworks

But I was actually reffering to this kind of ‘firework’.

A bright meteor, called a fireball, streaked across the sky on 8 August 2007 during the Kappa Cygnid meteor shower.

A bright meteor, called a 'fireball', streaked across the sky on 8 August 2007 during the Kappa Cygnid meteor shower.

The Earth is currently passing through a stream of cometary debris. The dencest parts are likely to encountered tonight and on the 12th – though a gibbous moon could obscure them on the 12th. The Taurids do not produce as many meteors as the Leonid or Perseid showers but this could be a good year for them.

The swarm orbits the Sun every 3.4 years. This means the Earth does not encounter it every year.

You could see as many as 20 streak accross the sky every hour, assuming there aren’t too many other fireworks. The Nothern Hemisphere should get the best show (sorry Jen) though the southern will still see a few.

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LHC closed for two months

Gas leak shuts LHC for two months

11:04 22 September 2008

A technical glitch means we are unlikely to get particle collisions at full speed this year.

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😦 I was looking forward to the media looking stupid for exadurating the stuff about black holes.

Online Gamers

This week New Scientist will have an article entitled, “Online gamers are fitter than you think“.

It seems the stereotype that gamers are overweight is in fact quite wrong, at least according to a US survey. The typical avid online gamer is actually in better than the current US average, with an average BMI of 25.2 compared to the overall average of 28.

Should this be surprising? Nope, I have often become so focused on my game that I can completely ignore any hunger I might be feeling.

Daily Giggle #1: Mystery box

I’ll try to keep these daily, but I might not manage. Today’s is from the April 30th Issue of New Scientist.

A COLLEAGUE from the New Scientist features department was in the English Lake District a few weeks ago, staying in a house on the marina of Lake Windermere. Walking along the boardwalk one morning he came across a large metal box with the following message on it: “CAUTION: To be kept closed at all times.”

Our colleague says he doesn’t know what was in the box and he supposes that he never will.

Daily Giggle; because laughter helps keeps boredom & stress away.

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