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Weather woes

XD Who put that there?

XD Who put that there?

SS Chair-tanic

SS Chair-tanic

Seriously, its too cold! I can’t even walk along the canal tow path without slipping. See..

Notice the whole path is reflecting light. That is because its all covered in ice, not just that puddle. 😦




Taken Today @ 55.9189, -3.3142 (aprox – MS fail at upto date maps)

So that is why the paths have been left covered in ice, some silly person left all the grit at the bus stop. Its about 4ft long and a couple inches high (I think, I’m useless at estimating distances). It was bigger yesterday, when someone hadn’t driven over it, but my brother fried the camera in my phone so I couldn’t take a pic then.

xkcd – Steal This Comic

Down with DRM! Down with Install limits!

Bad Wolf

The Darkness Is Coming


This time its not just the Earth he’s fighting to save, or the Universe, its all Universes. And another great nemesis you though was dead is back, as if it wasn’t bad enough.

Will you be watching next Saturday’s Dr Who (Series 4 Episode 12)? I know I will.


That’s right, I just finished my last exam. And Uni exams run last weeks of term, so it also means I’m free from lectures!!

However, I need to get a job in the summer to pay for stuff next year, I have no clue what this will be or where as I’ve not even checked on whats available yet XD. SO yet again, no lazing around allllll summer 😦

At least it will take a wee bit to find that job πŸ˜€

Now where did I put those Chocolate biscuits…

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