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I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I have just not been making much to post, I’ve just lost inspiration. I do know there will be no more Jellyneo/Neopets content, I’ve stopped using the site altogether as it was boring with nothing interesting being made available and what changes were going on were not necessarily for the best.

Happy Birthday Labhaoise


Happy 28th Birthday Labhaoise!

AH! Labhaoise has been petrified too. We must find the culprit!

Happy Birthday Ian


Happy 25th Birthday Neggy

Opps, looks like someone misheard you being called Iggy.

Happy Birthday Herdy!


Happy 23rd Birthday Herdy!

Ah! Get those two back where they belong before the Content Beast finds out!

Links: drsloth/caption_744, jn_boa/meerouladen, jn_boa/heermeedjet

Happy Birthday Rylon!

Tea Plantation

Happy 21st Birthday Rylon!

For Rylon’s birthday we decided to send him to a tea plantation so he could try it as fresh as it comes. Unfortunately he went hyper and ran off. We are fairly sure he is in here, somewhere…

Happy Birthday Kat!

I meant Kalianne, not kat/cat/kitteh/lolcat/etc. (in a box).


Happy 21st Birthday Kat!

Look who I found wandering around, I guess she must have escaped from the Black Rock Shooter OVA I was watching the other day.

Happy Birthday Suzuka!

*bing bong* Ah, that will be the cookie cake.


Happy 20th Birthday Suzuka!

Huh? Where did Suz go? AH! The cake is gone!

Don’t go too far, Suzuka’s present hasn’t arrived yet. I just hope it arrives before she eats all of the cake.

Happy Birthday Dandy!


Happy 19th Birthday Dandy!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find Dandy. We fear the Meepits may have got him. Either that or he managed to erase himself instead of a drawing XD

Happy Dung Day!

You guessed it, that means Happy Birthday Rosie!!


Happy 22nd Birthday Rosie!

You may have noticed the photo was take outside. This is because 1) Rosie was in the middle of YYB and 2) There was no way the present would have gotten into the Office anyway…

Giant Rainbow Dung

The actual one is even bigger!

Happy Birthday Zelda!


Happy 18th Birthday Zelda!

Ok, who flooded the Staff Room? I just hope I can find Zelda’s present :/

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