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Advent Calendar: Day 10

Gahhhhhhh! *runs away from the Scarlet Devil Mansion* I should have known better than to try and get you Ten Flandre Scarlet for today.

-Some time later- But, I did get away with enough, so here they are.

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet & Remilia Scarlet - Gin'you Haru

May Bite Back by Gin'you Haru

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet - Ichimi

Trick or You! by Ichimi

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet - Mokana Natsumi

Flan Doughnut by Mokana Natsumi

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet - Akagaminanoka

Flandre caught a Flan by Akagaminanoka

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet - Matatabi Maru

Chibi Flandre by Matatabi Maru

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet - Tahal

Neko Flan by Tahal

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet - Ichimi

All I want for Christmas by Ichimi

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet - Yashio

Beeeeeeeeeeep by Yashio

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet - Maitora

Flandre Scarlet by Maitora

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet & Kirisame Marisa - Byourou

Flandre's Play Toy by Byourou

At least it should be someone less likely to try and detain or kill me tomorrow.

Original Image Links: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10


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