Seeking perfection since… I forget when

News has shut down. I’m currently looking for somewhere else to post the source vectors that are still linked, hopefully other than Danbooru, even if it has to be dA.

Site was saved. It will be offline for a couple weeks though.


Comments on: "News" (2)

  1. Thanks for deleting my other comment. If moe.imouto comes back, will you stop hotlinking? Also, you really should sign up for a Pixiv account, they actually have a nice thumbnail that links back to the Pixiv image.

    • Last I checked, pending comments were not visible.

      I seem to recall the Booru engine prevents hotlinking to the images, and it would have been silly anyway. Many things are found by random wandering.

      Slight problem with Pixiv. 1) I can’t read it. 2) It rejected all my emails when I tried.

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