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Seriously, I don’t know why no one has traced this Rena yet. This is Ryuuguu Rena from the Higurashi opening credits, with a few adaptations to account for motion.




1920x1200 Transparent PNG Wallpaper

It’s only fair to warn you, if you want to find out why she has the hooked cleaver (or axe, no one seems certain) don’t do it on a dark, stormy night. Elfen Lied may have too much blood for some, but for Higurashi it is not about the blood, it’s the pure horror of seemingly normal things going wrong.


Comments on: "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Ryuuguu Rena" (1)

  1. Great vector! I started watching Higurashi late in the day, then a few episodes in I looked around and it was night out, and the only light was coming from the computer. It realized that I should probably stop there, but I kept watching, and ended up really freaking myself out!

    Ignore the idiots on Moe, there’s nothing wrong with signing your vectors.

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