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Ookami-san: Let’s pet Ringo

I know you were expecting swimsuits and princesses, but that would be no fun if I didn’t make you wait.

Let's all

2560x1600 Transparent Wallpaper

pet Akai Ringo

3700x2500 Transparent PNG

but don't make her cry!

1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

or we could just

2560x1600 Transparent Wallpaper

stare at her

2031x2500 Transparent PNG

Don’t worry though, I have started the others.

Ookami-san: (more) Ookami Ryouko

-insert intro here-

Ookmai Ryouko

2560x1600 Trans. Wallpaper

in a swimsuit

2565x2500 Transparent PNG

but it is out of frame D:

1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

Don’t go far, there are rumours of Ookami-hime and Ryouko in a swimsuit (and Majo-san, Otohime-san and Otsuu-san in bikinis).

Strike Witches: Lynette & Elia

This post is rated Questionable, but who on the internet hasn’t seen questionable at some point so carry on.

Today we have Elia Ilmatar Juutilainen having fun with Lynette Bishop in the bath (it’s a big outdoor bath with no convenient viewing points).

Lynette & Elia

2560x1600 Trans. PNG Wallpaper

Squishy, squishy, squishy.

2196x2500 Transparent PNG

Knock it off, Elia-san!


😦 K-on hasn’t long left. But at least To Aru Majutsu no Index series 2 is coming 🙂

Ookami-san: Usami Mimi

She may look cute, but just wait till you insult her..


1920x1200 Trans. PNG


4554x2500 Transparent PNG

Usami Mimi

1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

I extended the image to include the out of frame parts of her head and hair.

Ookami-san: Ookami Ryouko (again)

A little later than I would have liked, but here is Ryouko eating the parfait that she later forgets about.. or does she?


1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper


2375x2500 Trans. PNG


1920x1200 Transparent PNG Wall.

We also have Ryouko from later in the same episode. Cuda kindly did this vector because I wasn’t going to be able to do all the ones people wanted.

Ookami Ryouko

1920x1200 Transparent PNG

Coming soon, Usami Mimi. But will she be cute or will she be the true Mimi?


All links to Moe.Imouto are being redacted with immediate effect.

If you want to get the images you’ll have to hope I can be bothered to find somewhere else to post them.

I should be able to start replacing the links soon. Some images will change in size.

Ookami-san: Ookami Ryouko (cute)

Oh no! Ryouko doesn’t remember the last 3 years! But she can still enjoy a picnic.


1920x1200 Trans. PNG Wall

1709×2600 Transparent PNG – Not replaced yet

Ookami Ryouko

1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

Don’t worry, she is back to her normal self by the end of the episode (save for what Ringo does).

Strike Witches: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

Another day, another vector. … oh quit complaining it hasn’t been a day because I took 12 hours to post it here.

Today it is Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen from Strike Witches S02E06.


1920x1200 Trans. PNG Wallpaper




1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

Ookami-san: Morino Ryoushi

Apparently there is a lack of Morino-kun images. So we had better deal with that!


1920x1200 Trans. PNG Wallpaper


3540x2500 Transparent PNG


1920x1200 PNG Wallpaper

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Houjou Satoko

I’m hoping to get another Ookami-san or a SW vector out before the new episodes, but in the mean time, we have Houjou Satoko from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 08.




1920x1200 Trans. PNG Wallpaper

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