Seeking perfection since… I forget when

It’s been.. a tad longer than expected since the last post. As you may have noticed, the theme is now Koi, or as I’d rather call it, ‘Koi Koi!‘. I have also activated the rating system, you can now rate posts and comments.

And now to why you are here, Azu-nyan and Ookami Ryouko.

Redacted Azu-nyan has been in the sun too long again, even the sun block didn’t help 😦 (Ep 12)
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to work out a background so I can make a wallpaper version Xp

820×1560 transparent PNG

Ookami Ryouko
Never mention Ookami Ryouko’s lack of assets, not even if you are just the narrator, she can not only make “Huh?!” sound like a threat, she had the skills to back it up.

1920×1200 PNG Wallpaper


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