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Inkscape – More Tachibana Kanade

Angel Beats! may have ended, and everyone gone on to whatever lies ahead (Not giving spoilers!) but that doesn’t mean the end of Kanade vectors.

Tachibana Kanade @

Transparent 1920x1200

The scene from Ep11 where Otonashi pets/rubs Kanade on the head.

There is gradient shading on her hair (both light and dark) and face and Otonashi’s arm, but this time it was way easier to do (turning off the line and adjusting curves and nodes to make the fill cover the path below).

I haven’t decided wither to try and vector the background of the scene too.


[UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_13_[XviD][136729B5] (202Mb), [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_13_[h264_720p][9CDF9E37] (255Mb)

[Mazui]_Angel_Beats!_(Unofficial) (4.3Gb All Eps), [ReinForce] Angel Beats! (TBS 1280×720 x264 MP3) (3.5Gb All Eps)

Inkscape – Tachibana Kanade

It’s been a while, because the gradient was uncooperative. But here we have it, Tachibana Kanade, aka. Tenshi, from Angel Beats!

Transparent 2440×1371 – Redacted

Tachibana Kanade


This is from Episode 9, when she is sleeping in the nurse’s office.

Happy Dung Day!

You guessed it, that means Happy Birthday Rosie!!


Happy 22nd Birthday Rosie!

You may have noticed the photo was take outside. This is because 1) Rosie was in the middle of YYB and 2) There was no way the present would have gotten into the Office anyway…

Giant Rainbow Dung

The actual one is even bigger!

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