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Happy Birthday Illy!


Happy ??th Birthday Illy!

Umm, are we sure this is our Illy? It looks like a Li’l Illy, say, about 10 (or that gift and hat are really big and she is a teenager)

Happy Birthday Grog!


Happy 26th Birthday...

Hang on, where is Grog? Has anyone seen Grog? And who made is gift go poof? *pets Azu-nyan*

Happy Birthday Terry!


Happy 18th Birthday Terry!!

Oh dear, looks like someone cast Atavarr’s Personal Gravitational Upset on you (and over did it a bit). That means you won’t be enjoying the day just yet, since you’ll have to wait for it to wear off before you can drink without spilling it. (And getting out of a building will be very hard)

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