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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Just like the one we have this year!

Kat & Illy - Seasons Geetings from SciFi

Kat as Tohsaka Rin & Illy as Saber from Fate/Stay Night

And now, pick your gift. Do not open until Christmas if it is not Christmas where you are!

Kat's Gift Box Illy's Gift Box

Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your Christmas, and don’t/didn’t eat too much!

Happy Birthday Emily

Happy 19th Birthday!

Happy 19th Birthday Emily!

I wonder what could be in the box to make it dance like that…

And remember to visit on Christmas Day for the return of Christmas Photoshop! Who will be cosplaying as Whom this year?

Happy Birthday Dave

Happy 20th Birthday!

Happy 20th Birthday Dave!

Looks like Dr. Sloth beat you to your present though.

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