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Jellypets Firefox Theme

Jellypets Firefox Theme

Coming Soon to a Firefox near you.

Some items that didn’t make it (at least not yet):

Apocalypse Sword Apocalypse Sword
This plastic version actually has more doom in it than the real deal which has been missing since it got misplaced.
Patriot Socko Plushie Patriot Socko Plushie
Celebrate Fourth of July with this special plushie version of the Patriot Socko, saviour of Sockos. Comes equipped with a sweet hat and a flag.
Economically Viable Wooden Sword Commercially Viable Wooden Sword
The worst this is likely to give you is a splinter. Yawoch!
Terra Scroll Terra Scroll
Unleash the power of earth! NOTE: Not Harmless.
Torrent Scroll Torrent Scroll
Unleash the power of a river of water! NOTE: Not suitable for watering the garden.
Combustion Scroll Combustion Scroll
Unleash the power of fire! NOTE: No flame required.
Typhon Scroll Typhon Scroll
Unleash the power of air! NOTE: Do not use in a confined or cluttered space.
Recycled Wood Shield Recycled Wood Shield
Eh, on second thought, RUN!
Extra Sharp Spiky Club Extra Sharp Spiky Club
The spikes in this club are extremely sharp for that extra amount of stinging pain.
Sacred Tribal Sword Sacred Tribal Sword
The inhabitants of the deepest parts of the magical forest regard this sword as one of their most sacred relics. The bones in the hilt are said to be bones from the first tribe elder.
Ancient Tribal Shield Ancient Tribal Shield
This shield is excellent for blocking, but few exist in the world.

We may recycle them as other items though 😉
Items added @ 12:15pm NST

Links: Jellyneo, Jellyneo Forums, Jellyneo Item Database, Jellypets


Comments on: "Jellypets" (4)

  1. […] See the original post:  Jellypets […]

  2. April Fools!
    Sorry no theme, I wouldn’t even know where to start, that is just edited in PSP7.
    I’ll post some more of the items we didn’t use as soon as I can.
    And rumour has it several Socko escaped before it went 404.

  3. 😮 That would make an awesome persona

  4. JohnPaul said:

    Awww, Patriot Socko….

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