Seeking perfection since… I forget when


Yup, its Zador. Now you get to see what you fell into Zador XD

Zador as Jhudora, Dark Faerie. Somehow, its not as evil looking.

Check back later, I’m almost finished with Katje 😉


Comments on: "Pekka!" (6)

  1. The kind face is deceiving. You’ll see xD

  2. I like it… seriously. One of my favorites so far.

    But… hmm… could someone link me to the original Pekka image?

  3. yup, this is the original image

    on this page of jn xP

  4. Good old times 😛 Alternatively, my head(s) were sold in the Joodle Mart and using one would show the full Pekka image.

  5. grishiu said:

    Deceiving you say? I love your eyes, and… I’ve never known that you like Jhudora the best o.0 Personally, I love the fire faerie ^^

  6. Jhudora and the evil Earth Faerie from ToW are my favorites xD

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