Seeking perfection since… I forget when

Happiness :)

Today we have Dave & Terry as the Happiness Faerie XD

Images at about 50%.
Unfortunately they are not as good since there was no ideal image of the Happiness Faerie.

šŸ˜® Another JN staffie has appeared dressed as a faerie, Scissors as Jhudora.

What’s more, the Jhudora image I used here was also by Rosie XD (Jhudora day 2006)

Comments on: "Happiness :)" (5)

  1. the dave and anna one are awesome, terry doesn’t make a great slothy xD but Dave’s happy smile fits the happiness faerie better xD

    Sci Reply: I’ve just changed Terry to a smile too, it never looked right before.

  2. yeah the smile looks better for it xD

  3. that’s hilarious! xD

  4. I hadn’t seen this before :O I love it xD


  5. […] Apologies to iaeternus & Stephen for forgetting you till now >.< Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Happiness šŸ™‚ […]

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