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YAY! It is finally here, Mike as a faerie!

Mike as the Space Faerie

Original space faerie image by _kei in the Neopets Art gallery

How he fits into that costume I don’t know XD


Drum roll please. Oh, no drum XD

Well last we have… Dandy as the Tooth Faerie!

Dandy as the Tooth Faerie.

Why is was it the last? Well Mike has evaded capture. 😦  But I might be was persuaded to do some more.


Since Neopets is being so annoying to some, especially 1337, I thought you could do with something to cheer you up 😉

Ruby as Jhudora, Dark Faerie


Ruby as Illusen! Because she can’t decide between them.

Ruby as Illusen, Earth Faerie.

Anyone else think we that it would be nice to let people see them on faerie day? (September 20th for those who don’t know)


Ok, took slightly longer than I thought it would, but here it it is. Katje as Taelia the Snow Faerie.
Looks like some of iaeternus’ critters have escaped his gallery too, and turned lilac, the colour of Modelling Coordinators. Hang on, that is not a petpet colour 0.o  (Dave, you might want to check your spelling 😉 )

Katje as Taelia the Snow Faerie, with petpets

Note: Edited so all petpets were lilac, not just 2.


Yup, its Zador. Now you get to see what you fell into Zador XD

Zador as Jhudora, Dark Faerie. Somehow, its not as evil looking.

Check back later, I’m almost finished with Katje 😉

More Herdy

You’ve had Herdy’s Editorial, now we have Herdy as Nuria, fire faerie.

Herdy as Fire Faerie Nuria

😮 Is that the desert heat or enlargement quality loss? *shifty eyes*




Well I priced the Pink Meerca Tail Bows last night, and thought they wouldn’t suit him. As I happened to be chatting to Emily/Vive at the time I mentioned it to her. She convinced me to do it, and well it was only 18k – when you have as many codestones as I do this is nothing.
I think he looked picture perfect in them. Unfortunately he didn’t, just after I got the photo from atop the rubber mat he decided enough was enough. And well, my hair has never stood up so much as it did after that, I looked like a nutty scientist who just had an experiment blow up XD


On a day beset by glitches on Neopets I thought you could do with something to cheer you up a bit 😉

First, Rosie! *clapping from RS* How did RS find time for this?

Rosie as Taelia the Snow Faerie

Rosie as Taelia the Snow Faerie

And… Rylon and Joey as Illusen! XD (Not shown at full size)

Rylon as Illusen

Rylon as Illusen, Earth Faerie

Joey as Illusen

Joey as Illusen, Earth Faerie

Suzuka! Suzuka! Suzuka!

Today we have a Suzuka bonanza! Not that you don’t have enough, though you can’t have too much Suzuka.
First, suzukaberries XD

SuzukaberryGreen SuzukaberryRed SuzukaberryPurple Suzukaberry
Blue SuzukaberryAlien Suzukaberry

Normal, Green, Red, Purple, Blue and Alien.

And… Suzuka Faerie! This one I’ll let you see 😉 You’ll have to wait for the password ones still.

Suzuka the Battle Faerie

Suzuka the Battle Faerie

It just wasn’t Suzuka without the expresion 😀

I want one!

I want one! NOW!!

Actually, I want several XD

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