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Daily Giggle #4

Sorry about missing yesterday, though my evil act might have given you a luagh >D

Today we have: Name Decoder, what does your name stand for? @ found via Stumble!

Have some fun, put in your name, a friends, whatever, see what you can come up with. Here are what I got.

Synthetic Cybernetic Infiltration and Fighting Individual
Sinister Creature from the Isolated Forbidden Isle
Sexy Charming Individual Furnishing Indulgence

Note: It wont accept 1337 😦


Comments on: "Daily Giggle #4" (4)

  1. Mine
    claire – Cybernetic Lifelike Android Intended for Rational Exploration

    Cheerleader-Lacerating Abomination from the Isolated Ruined Earth

    Cutie Luxuriating in Arousing Intense Rapturous Embraces

    spenny – Synthetic Person Engineered for Nocturnal Nullification and Yelling

    Scientist Pulverising Exploror Nabbing Nightmare of Yuckyness

    Seductress Providing Erotic Necking and Naughty Yeses *FAVORITE*

    :P:P yeshh i like the last one xDD

  2. Jen – Jewel Exchanging Necking

  3. oh thanks for finding it! I was asking Bacon if he remembered where that was just yesterday o_o;

  4. Versatile Intelligent Construct Trained for Online Repair

    Villager-Injuring, Cheerleader-Torturing Ogre of Rage

    Virile Individual Conferring Thrilling Orgasms and Recreation

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