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Daily Giggle #1: Mystery box

I’ll try to keep these daily, but I might not manage. Today’s is from the April 30th Issue of New Scientist.

A COLLEAGUE from the New Scientist features department was in the English Lake District a few weeks ago, staying in a house on the marina of Lake Windermere. Walking along the boardwalk one morning he came across a large metal box with the following message on it: “CAUTION: To be kept closed at all times.”

Our colleague says he doesn’t know what was in the box and he supposes that he never will.

Daily Giggle; because laughter helps keeps boredom & stress away.

Firefox 3 is coming :) Internet Exporer, you are dead!

Download Day 2008
Help bring about Microsoft’s domination of Internet Browsers by switching to Firefox.

Reasons to use Firefox 3:

  • It’s More Secure: Malware Protection, Secure add-on updates (though this will bar some legit ones like Neopets toolbar), Anti-virus integration & more
  • It’s Easier to Use
  • It’s More Personal
  • It has Improved Performance: Speed, Memory Usage & Reliability have all been improved.

I’m running Firefox 3 right now, as it is much quicker going between pages than my Firefox 2 ever was. However not all my add-ons, which it automatically brings over with everything else when you install, do not work with Firefox 3. At least the important ones like AdBlock Plus and NoScript are amoung the ones that do work.

WordPress Invaded!

Thats right, you have been invaded by anotehr sentient lifeform! I guess I should say something like “Welcome to SciFi’s Blag/Blog”, but that would be too normal.

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